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Friends of First Parish Meetinghouse


are working tirelessly to restore this historic, and architectural treasure.

Your help is needed in restoring First Parish.  Please consider supporting us.

Towering over Town Square in Plymouth, Massachusetts, on the site where a meetinghouse has existed since 1622, stands a historic treasure, a symbol of our country's origin, a tribute to the Pilgrim's journey to America, and a cornerstone of our history. 


At the heart of the Pilgrim story stands Plymouth’s First Parish Meetinghouse, birthplace of religious and civic freedom in America.


Restoration of the stone façade is essential to maintaining the structural and historical integrity of the Meetinghouse. If the façade is not successfully restored and flashing in many areas replaced in the near future, the deterioration will continue and, eventually, the structure itself will be compromised.

Through its Norman architecture, unaltered Arts & Crafts interior, and unique stained glass windows, the 1899 Meetinghouse celebrates the freedoms established by the Pilgrims—freedoms that continue to draw immigrants to America from around the world.


The Robinson Stained Glass Windows Have Returned
Robinson stained glass windows

It’s been almost 5 years since the iconic Robinson windows were removed from our sanctuary in November of 2013. Thanks to a grant from the Community Preservation Committee (CPC), the windows were restored at Serpentino Studios in Needham, MA,  and there they sat for the last 3 years, waiting to be reinstalled while we tried to raise the million dollars it would take to restore the East-facing facade of our Meetinghouse. While they are still waiting, they are no longer absent from the sanctuary. Thanks to the efforts of Bill Keohan of the CPC, and the work of restoration carpenter, Michael Burrey, the windows are once again in the sanctuary of the First Parish Plymouth.


Resting on wooden easel-type stands, the three windows are “back lit” so that we all can enjoy and admire their exquisite beauty.


Most Endangered Resource

As we continue to submit grant applications, our listing as one of Preservation Massachusetts' Most Endangered Resources provides legitimacy and gravitas to our quest! In addition, since our 2014 listing we have reached out to Preservation Massachusetts on quite a few occasions and have, in return, always received valuable suggestions and encouragement.

A Historic Resource is defined as a district, site, building, structure or object of historical, architectural, archaeological, engineering or cultural significance. - Preservation Massachusetts

19 Town Square, Plymouth, MA  02360

All donations to Friends of First Parish Meetinghouse are tax-deductible.  We are a nonprofit charitable organization that has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service under the terms of section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.